Teaching English to Scientists: the best of all worlds

If you want to take stock of your teaching (thanks LInguee for that translation of “faire le point”!) nothing better than agreeing to give a presentation.

In this case, the Reform Symposium – online Oct 11th to 13th ….. 24hrs a day!
See here the schedule for your own time zone. (there’s something for everyone there)

And here’s my offer – on Saturday at 16h00 GMT (that’s 6pm for me in France).


So I was faced with the question, how on earth can “Teaching English to Scientists” be of interest to people who don’t teach scientists?
Well teaching in this situation generates a considerable number  of EFL tips and tricks which are directly transferable to general English classes.
For example, for “budding scientists” you have to read “incredibly heterogenous groups (from A2 to C1) of 2nd year university students lacking intrinsic motivation!” LOL.

As for the “scientists” in the title – that’s 5th year university Physics students in my case –  each of the English teachers in our “Service des Langues” is responsible for the English teaching in one of the departments of our Science and Engingineering faculty – goodness, do we learn all the time! – that’s why it’s such fun.

P.S. for the “web-tools” mentioned in the description of the session – I’m talking about managing up to 90 individual wikis for assessment purposes 😛

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