Another 11, You’ve been tagged

Good grief! I’ve done it ! In reply to Sue Annan’s tag in the EFL teachers blog chain. I so much enjoyed reading Marisa, Carol Goody, lexical leo, Vickyloras, Shelly (of course LOL), Rachel Roberts, Anne Hodgson and many others that it  didn’t seem fair just to lurk, so here we go.

The rules (who started this thing anyways? the answer may lie in Doug Patterson’s title to his version!)

Acknowledge the person who tagged you
Give 11 facts about yourself

                    Answer the tagger’s 11 questions 
          Write 11 questions of your own
          Tag 11 of your friends to continue the chain.

So… 11 facts about me
1. As a child I was petrified of animals, but ended up having to ride a horse at the age of 18 (a long story)  and even lived with a cat for 13 years (See #3)
2. I don’t like talking about myself
3. Family, family, family – the original one (five sisters – they all dislike animals to varying degrees) – my own (4 offspring multiplying all the time),  and some elements of the in-laws!
3. Friends, friends, friends (my very best friend, who is not a teacher,  used to say she’d lost me to the internet! – everyone needs a friend)
4. I am an inveterate smoker – I gave up twice and decided that I’m not doing that again. All my friends have permission to line up with their “told you so” when it finally tells its toll.
5. I was faced with this conundrum (“tell us about yourself”) recently when I met friends I’d not seen since University days. I realised that #3 filled such a place my life it’s difficult to think “about me” outside of that frame.
6.    On the wall in my study: a translation of Jose Marti’s «  todo hombre verdadero debe sentir en la mejilla el golpe dado a cualquier mejilla de hombre  »
7. I used to translate for a activist against the third world debt. CADTM then the debt spread to the “north” and films like Inside Job went mainstream, so I reckoned I’d done my bit.
8. I LOVE loads of French groups – the words actually mean something and it makes me feel good to know that there are some great young (and not so young)  people around.
9.    Along with music, BBC radio 4’s The Now Show keeps me sane
10.    BTW, (reality shows have become a must in this game) when reality shows came to France, I remember hearing about a court ruling that you cannot vote “against” people (you can only vote “for”) – I don’t think that lasted – but definitely the law suit which requires that the contestants be paid since they are under the same constraints as actors was successful!
11. My numbering went wrong 😦

And now for Sue’s questions:

1.    How much time do you spend on social networking in a typical day?
Iphone in the morning only – mainly reading – 20 mins ? – dunno, but I guess that might change now I’ve taken the plunge LOL
2.    What was the last thing you read for work purposes?
Read ? Well, I just listened to Mike Coghlan,  does that count ? oh yes, I remember Ken Hyland on Community Identity in Academic Discourse
3.    If you could change one thing about your workplace, what would it be?
Less exams
4.    Would you stop work if you won a million on the lottery?
n.a.  – you’ve got to play to win:-)
5.    Do you like a particular genre of music?
I daren’t fill this in  ! When I say Ska, I think NsK  even Reggae I think Massila Sound System  along with Latin of course … basically, any music which makes you move
6.    Are you a team worker or a leader?
Team worker all the way – lead …to mayhem only – I’m a right hand guy.
7.    Do you prefer words or pictures to get your message across?
Pictures whenever possible
8.    What’s your speciality in the kitchen?
Dishes which do not limit the number of guests, so it’s easy to add extra people,  I have a nice line in veal with red peppers, or salmon with pasta.
9.    What was the name of the last novel you read?
Well I do read the detective novels my friend gives me… I went to get the last one to find the name… don’t bother, it’s not worth passing on (a crime novel about crime novelists … duh)
10.    Have you done/not done something this year that you regret?
Selective memory probably, there must be loads … er…. can’t think of anything
11.    If you could live in another country- which one would you choose- and why?
Once you have really changed countries, like permanently, for good, as I have, you can live anywhere.
I think I’ll take a page out of your book Sue, and come back tomorrow LOL

And now I have to tag 11 people. Well since that’s the name of the game (I read you @cioccas)
Christina Rebuffet-Broadus –iLOVEtefl & Mura Nava – EFL Notes have been tagged more than once and here you go again, so I’ll add  @natibrandi  though I can’t find a blog and @elawassell,  @purple_steph whose great work blogs I just discovered and  @mariabossa who I was so thrilled to meet in Cordoba Arg this last summer 🙂 And Mieke you’ve been tagged so many times  you’re gonna have to start up that blog – I so enjoyed your guest post about Raymond Murphy and @jamestaylor – gottcha, you’re tagged to, and,  @AnnLoseva, @jobethsteel why not? @michelleworgan who inspires not only learners too, @marekandrews… surely that’s 11 innit? (links to blogs) Barbs too Yep! another tag for you!

And my questions? (see “rules” at the top of the page)

Well – Leslie asked the questions (though she’s had time to answer ANOTHER 11 since then, and the real final point was MuraNava’s contribution … I love it 🙂

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