Exciting new tool for a BYOD class

Oye! Oye! EVO season is here again … EFL teachers all learning together … You have already checked out this year’s offerings of course 🙂 enrollement starts 5th Jan for the five week session.

Anyway – while finishing off preparations for this year’s session, thanks to Arizio Sweeting I discovered a brilliant new tool which took me a while to get my head around, because the drawing tool I was looking at only works synchronously in a class where everyone has their own device.

http://www.infuselearning.com/This drawing tool (Infuse Draw) makes it possible for students (no previous login) to complete a drawing or an uploaded image, which can then be projected from the teacher’s device (laptop in the case of the teacher dashboard I believe) onto the screen.

In fact it’s just updated version of Victorian slates in the classroom, which for a moment there I thought I remembered  Chia Suan Chong rehabilitating ….but of course she only uses them in pairwork  … silly me &-(

But there’s a nice quizz feature to check out on InfuseLearn too (which does work asynchronously) and lots of other interesting looking options

Anyways – along with Vocaroo now offering to create a QRcode directly from your recording (just think of the treasure hunts that makes easy) I thought there was enough interesting new things to actually merit digging out this forgotten blog 😉

http://vocaroo.com/?infoBTW – I always take great pleasure in getting my students to read the Vocaroo info page … an absolute ‘must‘ if you haven’t done so yet LOL

May 2015 be good for every one of us.
Peace and Love

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