Charging mobile batteries.

Seems like I’m always one step behind

As a reasonably digitally aware person, it’s really quite difficult to follow how things change, and within the last 24 hours, I’ve just discovered two new “Oh no!” digital moments.
One from a while back first though: I discovered that while I was religiously defragmenting my hard drive reasonably regularly, I shouldn’t have been doing that any longer since it had a solid state hard drive. (well the operating system hadn’t caught on either and never said anything LOL)

Today’s first duh! moment came because I was still carefully allowing the batteries in my mobile devices their full hysterisis loop, making sure they were fully down before charging them completely – and now I discover that you should only do that for nickle-based batteries. Lithium-ion batteries actually should preferably not be left in overnight because if they are left charging when at 100%  that wears them out more quickly (even with automatic charge switch off, they keep on topping up when plugged in) – check that one out!

Finally, while prismMicrosoft is the provider  I have always been the most wary of, because I knew way back that they were colluding with the US government, providing the gvmt with information, I discover from the chart in the middle of this fascinating debate, that my misunderstanding comes from the fact that it was simply that they were the first to join the PRISM collection program (see it at around 1m40 in this 3 minute extract

Oh well, you live and learn


(if you’re lucky)

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